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2017 Distinguish Guest Speakers

Dr. Miah M. Adel, USA

Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Hilali, USA

Meer Husain,P.G., USA

Dr. Babor Ali Shah, India

Dr. Hesham Agrama, Egypt

Dr. Asmatulu Ramazan, USA

Dr. Abu Asaduzzaman, USA

Mr. Jasim Uddin, Bangladesh

Dr. Riazul Islam, USA

Dr. Thomas Bridge, USA

Mrs. Lutfe A. Begum, USA

2017 Proceedings

Submitted manuscripts and accepted abstracts will be published by the Humane Water Conference editors and will be made available on the Conference website for free download. The editors of the conference proceedings and abstracts are listed below: 

Dr. Mohammed Hilali, Dr. Miah M. Adel,Dr. Ramazan Asmatulu, Meer Husain,P.G.

                                   2017 Conference Papers

 Dr. Elizabeth Ablah: Protecting Domestic Users of Nonpublic Water Wells

Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Hilali: Islam and Water

Dr. Vahid Rahmani: Water Sustainability in a Changing Climate

Dr. Taha AlDoss et al: Renewable Desalination & Energy Storage Technology

Farshad Mashhadi  et al: Promising Shuffle-Exchange

Kishore K. Chidella et al: Knowledge-Based Prior Detection of Explosives to Defeat Catastrophic Attacks

Md. Nizam Uddin et al: Graphene-Oxide Thin Film The Next Generation Membrane for Water Purification

Rakib Mustafa et al: Sustainable Fresh Water Productions and Supplies in Rural Areas


2017 Venue & Accommodation


Venue: Metropolitan Complex, 29th & Oliver Street, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

Date: October 28-29, Saturday and Sunday, 2017.


Hotels in East Wichita, Kansas:

Hotel in North East Wichita, Kansas:

Hotels near Nearby Attractions:

   Hotels near Wichita State University
   4.2 miles SW
Hotels near Towne East Square
   4.8 miles south
Hotels near Robert Dole VA Medical Center
   5 miles SW
Hotels near Via Christi Hospital St Francis
   7 miles SW
Hotels near Intrust Bank Arena
   7 miles SW
Hotels near McConnell Air Force Base
   8 miles south
Hotels near Wichita Convention Center
   8 miles SW
Hotels near Kansas Coliseum
   8 miles NW
Hotels near Friends University
   9 miles SW
Hotels near Sedgwick Zoo
   10 miles west
Hotels near Towne West Square
   11 miles SW
Hotels near Wichita Airport – ICT
   12 miles SW
Hotels near Bethel College
   23 miles north

2017 Achievement Awards

The Achievement Award is presented to individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to Human Development. The Humane Water team is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 “Humane Water’s Achievement Award”. This year recipients are:

President of Wichita Area Technical College Dr. Sheree Utash, Kansas, USA.

Image result for images of sheree utash, watch



2017 Abstract Submission

Please submit an abstract in the following areas listed below. All abstracts must be submitted by e-mail. Deadline for submissions is August 15, 2017. Authors will be notified regarding acceptance in September 30, 2017. The abstract title is to be no more than 25 words and the body of the abstract is to be no more than 250 words. Complete contact information must be included for each author. Religious scholars of all faith and Field scientists are highly encouraged to participate in the conference. Please send your abstract to:

Conference Papers for presentation

Water  & Energy (Any water  & energy related issues):such as water resources, water contamination, water purification systems, groundwater recharge, waste water treatment, water reuse, religious perspective on water, renewable energy etc.(Photo-Sadi & Husain/Humane Water).

 mukti-filter img_6140

Rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge, Drinking water treatment and rural water supply, Irrigation and water resources management, Surface and groundwater contamination etc.

Sanitation and Hygiene: Types of Sanitary systems, problems of maintenance  for proper sanitation, success case studies in developing nations and innovative technologies etc.(Photo-A. Kaium/MPunje,Humane Water).

 m19 sanitation2


Eco-system and Environment:Religious perspectives on the Protection of  Eco-system and Environmental problems in developing nations, Impact of Climate Change in developing nations, solid and hazardous waste management, man-made earthquakes and clean up of lakes, ponds, rivers(Photo-Sanjay Kanojia/AFP/Getty Images-Ganges river) and Citarum river, Indonesia, Mississippi river, USA etc.(Photo:The Telegraph/Chanel4’Unreported World/Olivia Yallop)


Injection wells and hazardous waste disposal, waste water treatment, landfils and solid waste management, cleanup of rivers,lakes and other water bodies etc.

Health: Waterborne and environmental diseases and remedial measures etc.(Photo-Kaium & Husain/Humane Water).



Education:Environmental Education, economics and resources for Empowering families as well as communities in Developing Nations(Photo-Kaium/Humane Water).

 m6 img_6104


2017 Advisory Members

Dr. Hisham Agrama, Africa
Dr. Babar Ali Shah, India
Prof. M.Dilwar Husain, Bangladesh
Dr. Quamrul Hasan, Bangladesh
Dr.Manirul Khan,USA
Engr. Monzoor Ali, USA
Dr. Saydur Rahman, Saudi Arabia
Engr. Ramiz Ahmed, USA
Engr.Mahfuzur Rahman, Canada
Md. Jasim Uddin, Bangladesh
Dr. Abu Asaduzzaman, USA
Dr. Asmatulu Ramazan
Mr. Hussam Madi, USA

2017 Conference

Humane Water is a nonprofit charitable and scientific organization established in 2008 for providing clean and healthy water and secure healthy sanitation and hygiene in impoverished nations around the globe.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together scientists, physicians, technologists, theologians, social workers, donors, community leaders, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, environmentalists, think tanks, businessmen, water managers, state and federal officials, and other across the United States and beyond, for the first time in the history for a colloquium in Wichita, Kansas, Saturday and Sunday October 28-29,2017. We plan to create the real unity under diversity promoting our intellectual contributions for humanitarian services at large. Under today’s growing dimensions of knowledge and challenging circumstances, it has become imperative to bring all professionals together for touching unitedly every corner of the society. Our outreach program will be a uniquely global one for sustainable solution to water, sanitation and environmental problems.

Participants will learn valuable information from various technical and scientific presentation, scientific and technological exhibits, young scientists innovative competition, scientific workshop, professional training and educational tour of water and waste water treatment systems, groundwater contaminants remedial systems (water center) and groundwater recharge projects in Wichita and adjoining areas. They will also have an opportunity in understanding the people, religion and culture of different countries from the presentation of country profile, exhibition and international Bazaar.

Humane Water International Annual Conference will provide a forum for exploring and promoting science-based knowledge about operation and management practices that protect water resources, ecosystem and environment from environmental disasters. There is great need for continued strong partnerships among religious leaders who have great social influence in the community, innovative scientists that propose and evaluate best practices, users that adapt and monitor those practices to suit their own countries and public and private organizations that desperately need simple, cost effective and sustainable scientific tools and economic resources for the preservation of thousands of years of old natural water resources, ecosystem and environment  from both man-made and natural disasters while protecting public health, maintaining healthy sanitation and hygiene to society’s benefit. This year’s conference will not only be a time to reflect on past years of achievements, performance and advancement activities, but an opportunity to explore the  problems, innovative tools, incomplete work and search for remedial actions to current and future challenges.

Upcoming Event Details

The purpose of the conference is to bring together scientists, physicians, technologists, theologians, social workers, donors, community leaders, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, environmentalists, think tanks, businessmen, water managers, state and federal officials, and other across the United States and beyond. Our 2017 event was a success, more coming soon for our 2018 event.